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TLC Episode 5 : Harmony Polo

Giada del Drago interviews Founder of Sacred Haircuts, Singer and Kundalini Yoga Teacher Harmony Polo.

Harmony lived a big and fast life between NYC and LA as a celebrity hairstylist before life took her on another path, the path of transformation.

At the age of 33 at her career high, she hit her spiritual low. She had no choice but to listen to her inner calling to “find herself” and this meant she was to liquidate her life in L.A. and devote her life to self discovery.

She moved to Bali, Indonesia and began to study with masters of spirituality and healing, then to study with Sri Amma Bhagavan in India at the Oneness University and many other masterful teachers over 10 years. In that time she discovered her voice and her passion for Kirtan, Mantra singing and Bhakti Yoga. She also discovered her path with Kundalini Yoga and is now a licensed KRI Kundalini teacher.

After 10 years on this challenging path, she has returned to live in the U.S. where she resides with the love of her life in Naperville, IL. She has merged all of her lives and offers Ceremonial Sacred Haircuts, Spiritual Coaching Sessions, Kirtan, Kundalini Yoga and Transformational Workshops.

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