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The Light Conversations 8: Ama Lia Wai Ching Lee

Updated: May 8, 2020

Giada del Drago interviews Holistic Healer, Counselor, Consultant and Mystic Wai Ching Lee

Wai-Ching Lee, 63 earth years is an intuitive healer, descended from a lineage of healers from both the paternal and maternal sides. 

She began transmitting healing energies spontaneously with remarkable healing results in 1990, creating Infinity Quantum Qi Gong by divine guidance. 

Ama Lia has combined her innate abilities in healing with personal mystical experiences with academic study of the phenomena and practice. 

Her certification includes accredited undergraduate programs from the New College, San Francisco in Cross-cultural Healing, Creative Writing, and Somatics, Comparative Religions, Language for Healing, Massage Therapy, Vibrational Medicine, Reiki Mastery and Magnified Healing. Ama Lia also has an accredited graduate certification in Research and Consulting in the School of Transformational Learning from the California Institute of Integral Studies including field experience in China. She is also a certified Holistic health counselor and somatic Bodywork therapist with over 20 years of adult experience in the field of natural and holistic healing. 

She is the Founder of  EarthStar and EarthHeART Holistic Consultancies. As well as the Living Healing Arts Vortex transformational program.

Her passion is in exploring synergies and correspondences in the human condition and psyche, and understanding metaphysics and science convergemces for universal intelligence and unification. 

She holds a Doctorate in Philosophy of Healing and was knighted for her innovative healing work as Dame Reverend Doctor in June, 2017 by The Sacred Monastic Medical Order Hospitaller Order of the Knights and Ecclesiae.

She interfaces with the Business, Spa and Medical sectors, commuting and consulting for her personal and planetary healing work.

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