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The Light Conversations 7: Claudia Spahr

Giada del Drago interviews Author, Holistic Entrepreneur and Modern Day Mystic, Claudia Spahr.

As the founder of HolyMama, she’s hosted over 60 international retreats for mothers and their children. She’s also trained and certified retreat leaders from over 20 countries. Before creating HolyMama, she co-founded Lotus Yoga Retreat in Goa, serving hundreds of clients and winning top media reviews.

Claudia is a proud mother to three young children, whom she conceived naturally in her forties and wrote about in Right Time Baby (Hay House), now available in 6 languages, including Chinese. She shuns patriarchal dominator thinking, especially when it comes to motherhood and aging. Before being in service to the Rise of the Feminine, she worked as a radio/TV producer and foreign correspondent for various media, including the BBC, CNN and National Swiss Television.

40 Days of Fortitude Sadhana Practice (10 Euros goes to the HolyMama Love fund)

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