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The Light Conversations 28 : Rebecca Simoneit-Barum

Actress, Singer, Entertainer Rebecca Siemoneit-Barum is the daughter of Gerd Siemoneit-Barum, director of Circus Barum, and English actress, singer and dancer Rosalind Siemoneit-Barum.

At the age of three she was trained as an acrobat and at the age of four she performed dressage with a pygmy goat in the circus arena. After years as an equestrian acrobat and pony whisperer, By age 9 Rebecca was performing with two other circus children as a contortionist and equilibrist. She received her years of training with the international artists of the Barum Ensemble,

During her school days at the Ursuline Gymnasium in Cologne, she sang in the school choir and studied singing and acting.

She became nationally famous overnight in the 1990s with a starring role onGermany's most popular tv drama "Lindenstrasse" where she played Iphigenie "Iffi" Zenker for which she moved to Cologne at age 12 and continued until the final episode in March 2020.

In 1995 Rebecca was the youngest presenter for the weekly interactive live show "Lollo Rosso".

In 1998 and 1999 she and her husband Pierre Bauer had two children Joshua and Rachel who also work in the circus and showbiz.

In 2000 she founded the live show production company Barum & Bauer Performance GmbH and took over the artistic direction of her father's company Circus Barum until the cessation of live theater operations in 2008.

In 2011 she made her musical debut "Cinderella - The fairytale pop musical" and released a pop single with LePrince "Day and Night".

She is now responsible for producing the entertainment program for the 2022 State Garden Show in Bad Gandersheim.


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