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The Light Conversations 26 : Kareen Griffiths

Kareen is a Global Change Consultant and creator of "The Mindfulnes Experience", an 8 week course, which I have just completed so naturally I felt compelled to interview her for this series.

I am a big fan of mindfulness as a framework providing accessible, simple yet powerful tools as a foundation for conscious living.

Kareen was a successful 25 year old woman, leading her own large team in the corporate business world. That's when she experienced her first anxiety attack. The life she was leading was coming at a price and eventually she would have to make a choice. Fast forward ten years and the choice was made. She decided to work for herself. She took with her a wealth of experience in change and communications and chose a new lifestyle; one in which she could focus consistently on service, wishing she had been shown ways to manage stress and anxiety earlier. After 10 years of working for herself, she lost five significant people over 12 months, including her brother. It was way too early. My emotions had been shot to pieces. Multiple loss is significantly hard and after a while she learned the art of 'autopilot' so decided to take a year off. It was the right thing to take a break from trying to serve others when it became clear she couldn’t even serve herself. She had to find the tools to look after herself first. Mindfulness helped with compassion. To allow herself some time to ease the struggle. 2020 felt freeing, living with such simplicity and set her ready to serve again with Mindfulness courses and communicating to connection.


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