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The Light Conversations 24 : Erin Hunter

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

My guest for this episode is writer/actor/singer/comedienne/surfer Erin Hunter.

I recently saw Erin perform her one woman show at the Brighton Fringe, when I was invited along by actress friend Zannah Hodson Crow. It was such a thrill to get back to the theatre and even more pleasant to have an open air VIP theatrical experience with space around me due to social distancing restrictions.

I remember seeing Erin warming up backstage and we had a little smile and I got goosebumps imagining how she was feeling about getting back onstage, also realising I have been incredibly culture-starved this year. I had been reviewing the Brighton Festival and Fringe shows in the past for BBC Radio and Latest TV as well as interviewing creators with Kairen Kemp for “The Culture Kitchen”. I had not been to a theatre or cinema for over a year, which made it even more exciting to see a show, this show. I could not stop laughing out loud at Erins isms and impressions and loved her kooky ukulele songs. It felt like I had struck gold in stumbling upon her writing talent and had to speak to her after the show and setup an interview.

Erin is my first IN PERSON guest for this podcast, which I began making during the pandemic lockdowns of 2020. She joined me to discuss her creative process, writing as a form of therapy and her adventures with “Surfing the holy land.”

An experienced actor from Los Angeles, Erin trained at UCLA and LAMDA and spent a study year abroad at Trinity College Dublin where she was devastated to discovered her Irish name is only found on packets of instant soup.

Erin is currently touring her debut one woman show, "Surfing the Holyland" about the mad Middle East, surfing and survival. It's been praised by audiences globally, called "a virtuoso performance", "the best one-person show" and "quirky and funny and gorgeous". In it, she plays 12 characters at breakneck pace, strums 4 original comedy ukulele songs and surfs on moving boxes; told with quirky storytelling and sharp observational comedy. It's had performances in London, Los Angeles & Tel Aviv and will tour to the Brighton Fringe and around the UK in 2020!

Erin has performed in over 50 plays in London, Dublin, New York and LA. In London, Erin has performed at Theatre Royal Drury Lane, Soho Theatre, Bush Theatre, Southwark Playhouse & Arcola among others. She was nominated for a Best Actress award for her role as Kate in web series "A Quick Fortune" at the Bilbao Festival. Erin has also performed in two runs of the world’s longest running sketch comedy show, "Newsrevue". With a focus on British news, it’s no surprise that Erin is one of the only Americans cast. Ever. But please don’t ask her to do Glaswegian because it won’t be pretty.

Other credits include comedy foil Stephano in an adaptation of Shakespeare’s "The Tempest" with renowned theatre-makers Teatro Vivo; mockumentary "The Potential Wives of Prince Harry" written by acclaimed TV writer Brona C Titley; and the UK premiere of dark American play "Companion Piece" with Concorde Theatre. She’s worked with acclaimed physical theatre ensembles Tangled Feet and Firehouse Productions.

Erin is ½ of Hunt the Vigan, "the world’s funniest comedy duo" (according to their mothers.) Creators of viral comedy parenting video "Boobies in a Box", it has amassed a whopping 8 million views and been featured in global press including The Huffington Post who called it “hilarious”. The pair originally united to create a retro screwball comedy web series, "A Quick Fortune", which was selected for 10 global festivals including Raindance. It won a screenwriting award at the DC Web Fest and was nominated for multiple awards. Working with international partners, the wacky duo are currently developing several TV pilots and regularly release comedy sketches on their Facebook page and Youtube channel.

Erin is also a busy voice over artist, experienced dancer and keen ukulele-ist.


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