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The Light Conversations 23: Uta Verena

Giada del Drago interviews energy healer Uta Verena.

Uta Verena graduated from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in 2007, she is a certified Yoga teacher (2010) and Kids yoga teacher (2012) and is a Mother to a teenage girl and a boy.

The unexpected death of her father initiated her spiritual path when she was 15 years old. She realized that in western society there were no satisfying answers to the most essential questions of life and death.

Trying to find those answers led her to start travelling at the tender age of 17, finding and growing her love of exploring different cultures, expanding her horizon and worldview.

At 22 she started her career as a flight attendant for Swissair, making her calling her profession, studying life and humans through the international stage of her work and the many different encounters all over the globe.

Being a free spirit, Uta couldn’t live within the constraints of a materialistic and conservative society anymore and moved to Bali with her two young children in 2012.

Uta is deeply dedicated to the spiritual path and the uncovering of the essential truth of life.

She uses the medium of writing to share her acquired wisdom and the tools of energy healing work to transform people’s lives and support them in their journey of inner exploration.

Since the transition of her Mother in 2013 a big part of her healing practice is focused on conscious Death and Dying.

Her latest creation, still in the making, is called ‘Dignified Endings’, teaching people how to approach death from an energy conscious perspective, leaning on the scaffolding of Barbara Brennan’s system, using tools from European paganism and drawing from the experience of creating a safe and peaceful atmosphere for her Grandmother and later her Mother, to die in dignity.

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