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The Light Conversations 22: Merry Graham

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Giada del Drago interviews Leadership Coach and Founder of The Visionary Leadership Corporation Merry Graham.

Merry’s first career was in the business world where she developed brands for Unilever & Heinz. In 1990 she decided that she was more passionate about developing people and set out on a mission to learn what is at the root of our choices and patterns to excel or get off track.

She studied psychotherapy and Interfaith Ministry in the UK and Organisational and Leadership development in Washington DC.

Merry learnt at the feet of many brave pioneering leaders in both prisons and the NHS in the 90’s and she practiced regularly as a holistic coach at both The Hale clinic and The Joshi clinic.

Merry then saw that her true purpose was to fill in our missing education and get to the root of our authentic wholeness, from which we excel and make wise decisions.

Merry created the whole-person education model, 16 simple exercises that when fully integrated gets right to the root of both what makes us excel and minimises what makes us dysfunction.

For the last 20 years she has made it her mission to put this whole- person education in the hands of as many visionary leaders as possible, so that workplaces empower the whole person to flourish with a culture of health, collaboration and success.

In the early 2000’s she was invited to bring her whole person model and establish a leadership intern programme at the House of Lords.

For the last 10 years she has been collaborating with an international billion dollar organisation teaching the whole- person model to small groups of committed leaders in China, India, Japan, USA and Europe to create cultures where there is Integrated success as well as -profit with integrity, wellbeing and harmonious relationships.

Merry has coached individual leaders from the world of politics, TV, media and sport

and provides professional supervision to other coaches.

In 2020 Merry is back in London handing over her legacy to the next generation of visionary leaders who are passionate about leading healthy cultures.

Next Generation Leadership Programme:

A dynamic project based programme where you learn to lead change in your community and your organisation.

Cultural Health Checks:

Merry is available to work with leaders who want to do a proper cultural health check and she will share with you the 8 lens success process.

Whole Person Coaching Skills Diploma

Back in London for the first time in 10 years. The whole–person coaching skills diploma.

Learn the whole–person model coaching skills, for success and wellbeing.

Change your life and the world.

Light Worker Circle:

A community for those with a calling as light workers who want a place to refresh, recharge and reinvent.

Inspirational Talks:

Wherever and however you want to effect culture change with your leadership, Merry shares her experience and an insightful Question and Answer session.


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