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The Light Conversations 14: Kristina Block

Giada del Drago interviews performance artist and "Authentic Embodiment" founder Kristina Block.

Kristina Block is a performance artist, embodiment alchemist and founder of "Authentic Embodiment", a conscious movement modality focused on realigning one’s body, mind, soul, and spirit into the wholeness of one’s being. Kristina has expressed her artistry through performance dance, visual art, and movement facilitation all over the globe: from Burning Man, Lightning In A Bottle, Eclipse Festival, Beloved Festival, Envision Festival, ChoZen, Punta Mona, Dance Lab NYC, to various private events, women's circles and retreats. Her captivating dance performances keep the audience enraptured with a deep sense of connection to the complete spectrum of her feelings and emotions. Kristina truly believes in the transformational power of dance and encourages every human being to fully embody one’s authentic, sensual, powerful self.


IG @kris_air, @authenticembodiment

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