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TLC Episode 1: Marianne Cordier

Marianne Cordier is French and has lived in Rome since 2003. She is a leader of transformational arts, a visionary intuitive artist, counselor, spiritual counselor, art-therapist, mother, earthpainter, sacred activist and devotee to the wisdom of the earth.

What she is offering to the world is an Art Of Transformation for the collective and the individual, a new approach to healing and evolution that brings light to things that are hidden to shift perspective, through art and rituals. For more than 12 years, she has helped people navigate their subconscious, to transform wounds and patterns into potential, light and service.

As a Midwife of transformation, she works with the regenerative forces of the cycle of life to support people in their rebirth to create space for their potential to flourish.

Her art and rituals are her magic medicines as well as her intimate relationship with Soul and Spirit. Her methodologies are the "Ritual of the Color of the Soul", Intuitive Painting and EarthPainting.

She offers sessions online in French, Italian and English.

insta: mariannealexandrine

fb: Marianne Cordier

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