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TLC Episode 2: Jelila

Giada del Drago interviews international healer, spiritual teacher and author Jelila.

Author of 5 ‘masterful’ personal development books and creator of unique programmes, including The Gift of Harmony (Relationship Harmony) and The Power of Crystals (Crystal Healing method with wearable genstones).  Jelila is creator of ‘astonishingly effective’ The Reprogramming™ – her own unique and powerful transformation modality, based on the Law of Attraction, which lets you quickly access, and clear very deep negative beliefs, freeing you. 20 pages of beliefs is usually cleared in just 1 Signature Session, so a lot gets released, quickly, speeding up your transformation, and often, helping you in areas where other methods couldn’t.

A gifted intuitive, with ‘amazing’ psychic abilities, Jelila has appeared in many magazines like Garuda Inflight, Simply Her Singapore, Yak Bali, and in top resorts like the Four Seasons, The Bale, The Westin and Revivo, and is a ‘powerful yet accessible’ guide to your transformation and wellbeing with an ‘amazing voice – and awesome healing skills’ – in Ubud, Asia Bali and France.

Try Jelila’s revealing Quiz:  How Advanced Are You, Spiritually?  Discover your personal spiritual style, how you like to learn and what your priorities are, and find out which Jelila sessions or products are ideal for you.

BOOKING Online Sessions: 

(note: choose Timezone: China, Singapore, Perth.)

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