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The Light Conversations 30 : Tom Cotton

Tom Cotton is an Executive Coach, Psychologist and Founder/Programme Director of Mind Environment.

Tom is an EMCC Accredited executive coach (at Senior Practitioner Level) and a UKCP registered Existential-Analytic psychotherapist. He is co-founder of Narrative Dynamics, a leadership consultancy that has a special interest in ethics, and is an Associate Member of The North West London Psychotherapy Centre and Therapy Harley Street. Previously, Tom was Clinical Lead of a residential treatment programme in London, and his published research has been presented internationally. He gained his psychotherapy MSc and PsychD degrees from Roehampton University (2008 and 2016), and his certificate in executive coaching from Tavistock Consulting (2016).

Before his training in psychology, Tom worked in the film industry for fifteen years as a screenwriter and director. Both disciplines come together in his passion for helping people see the world around them more clearly.

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