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The Light Conversations 19: Amma Sophia Rose

Giada del Drago interviews Sonic Alchemist and Medicine Woman Amma Sophia Rose.

Amma Sophia is an internationally renowned Sonic Alchemist and Medicine Woman. She has studied with many Indigenous people of different traditions bringing the wisdom of theSonicRainbow Grandmother.She embraces her shamanic nature integrating the shadow and the light. She is a true alchemist and has a gift for piercing through the veil of illusion. Her passion for dance, sacred breath, music, poetry, and vibrational activation allow her to share as a divine conduit of universal Love.She teaches Vocal Awakening of the Heart to express your Sovereignty. Amma Sophia unifies the technology of sound, vibration & crystals with the feminine wisdom of the Divine Mothers Compassion. Specialising inSonicBreath Alchemy a Holistic Approach to Trauma Release & Neural Plasticity. She is the founder of Sonic Bowl Alchemy specialising in crystalline sonic tools of ascension. She also offers Sound Alchemist Training throughSonicLove Alchemy. Currently she is working of a project called Andara Love which is focused on bringing the Diamond Light to our sacred wombs.

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