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Giada Del Drago



Giada Del Drago

Producer, Curator and Host of Podcasts, Films and Real Life Experiences.

Giada created this podcast in response to and during the months of National Pandemic lockdowns in the U.K

Series 1 "Lockdown" inspired her to reach out to former collaborators, teachers and healers who had all significantly helped her growth journey through life. Believing that these conversations would capture the zeitgeist and become a historical document in their own right that would also help her get through and learn from the experience and help listeners feel less alone too.

Series 2 "Emerge & Evolve" documents conversations about the transition from global fear based pandemic lock downs to a return of real life events and interactions.

Series 3 "Purpose" has begun production (after winning a Global Anthem Award "Celebrating Purpose and Mission-Driven Work".

TLC is a passion project made with love and vision and deep gratitude for all participant experts, guests and listeners.

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